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An AEF Partner is someone who is committed to the realization of the vision of the foundation. His/her level of involvement can either be as a donor/volunteer or both. He/she attends all our events, invites others to participate and also sells the vision of the foundation to non-partners and gets their buy-in also.

Why Partner With Us

Our vision is to have a society where youth and indigent ones will have the opportunities and enabling atmosphere to reach their full potentials.

Hence, your partnership is as important to us as it shows that:

  • You are together with us in prayers
  • You have joined resources with us to improving on our impact
  • You are committed to changing the world with us

Benefits of Been a Partner

  • Opportunity to have direct access to our summit and other training materials at no cost during and after the events
  • Opportunity to grow your network and be referred to for jobs or businesses
  • Opportunity to have reserved parking spaces at our summits
  • Opportunity to attend restricted personal development meetings, Prayer meetings, Awesome Networks, and Cross-Over Meeting
  • Opportunity to be in joint partnership with us towards the fulfilment of the United Nation’s SDGs and be certified as a global change maker
  • Opportunity to refer your guest or beneficiaries to our personal developmental and empowerment training at a discounted rate
  • Opportunity to attend paid for or discounted seminars and training on leadership, business and entrepreneurship (and sometimes with your guest)


Kindly fill the partnership pledge form below.


Together, we can impact more lives around the world. Give now to transform lives.

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