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Madam Agnes Ekeh Shares Exercise Books to Students

Madam Agnes Ekeh Shares Exercise Books to Students

The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but what you do for others remains as your legacy. — Kalu Ndukwe Kalu.

We all have ways of leaving our legacies behind; MADAM AGNES EKEH through AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION is leaving a giant foot print for tomorrow’s legacy as she shared 1000 exercise books to Primary and Secondary School Students in Enugu Ezike on 31st December, 2019 at Ekeh-Nwonuh Compound, Ekposhi, Enugu Ezike in Enugu State, Nigeria.

She put forward her positive energy to connect back to basic human values which we all share not minding that she was a victim of stroke attack in 2010. Good Deeds show that no matter the situation, size of the gesture, a smile that brightens someone else’s day or volunteering in our various communities, we can all take active part in making a difference.

Pictorial and Videos evidence show Madam Agnes Ekeh speech and sharing of the exercise books to the students.

Distribution of 1000 Exercise Books to Students in Enugu Ezike

Distribution of 1000 Exercise Books to Students in Enugu Ezike

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” — ROBERT F. KENNEDY

It is a misconception to think that it is the sole of responsibility of Government to provide cum promote social development in the society. Private institutions/organisations/individuals need to take active part in the Social Development of the society as such act will benefit and enhance the growth of the economy.

It is on this back drop that AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION with INSTITTUTE FOR HUMANITARIAN STUDIES AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT made a giant stride among other moves to add to the social development of Nigeria by distributing 1000 (One Thousand) customized 40 Leaves exercise books to Primary and Secondary School Students in ENUGU EZIKE at EKEH-NWONUH COMPOUND, EKPOSHI, ENUGU EZIKE on 31st December, 2019, as a way of saying to the students “WE CARE AND YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT COURSE” while at the same time commending them for their academic successes as well as encouraging them to be more productive as they go back to their various schools in 2020.


The pictorial and video evidence show the Speeches made, and the distribution of the exercise books by our Amiable Matron Madam Agnes Ekeh (Ekwa-Ekeh), the Co-ordinator and our staff.



NAME: Agnes Ekeh Foundation

ACCT. NO: 1015786143

BANK: Zenith Bank Plc.

Agnes Ekeh Foundation Visit to the Orphanage

Agnes Ekeh Foundation Visit to the Orphanage





Professional Humanitarian Induction

Professional Humanitarian Induction

The Coordinator of AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION, Distinguished Humanitarian Mamah Celestine Onyebuchi, FIHSD, AMNIN, AMIPMA, was Inducted as a Professional Humanitarian Fellow of Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development and also awarded the prestigious HUMANITARIAN MERIT AWARD of the Institute as the HUMANITARIAN BEST VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR for his contributions to Humanitarian Services and Social Development, particularly for his Selfless Service to the growth of the  Institute and Humanitarianism at large.

The Certificates/award was presented to him by the Regional Head/Country Representative of UNITED NATIONS INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH (UNITAR), DR. LARRY BOMS at the 7TH ANNUAL HUMANITARIAN PUBLIC LECTURE/GRADUATION CEREMONY & FELLOWSHIP INDUCTION of Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development in collaboration with National Orientation Agency (The Presidency) to commemorate the International Day for Disaster Reduction held at Abuja, Nigeria.

Six Children of Community Primary School

Six Children of Community Primary School


The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. — Robert F. Kennedy. 

No matter how rich and successful a man is, he has a responsibility to help the needy as that is the only way towards creating a better society.


“The essence of human existentialism is to add value and make life comfortable for our fellow humans who at one critical point or the other need such supportive gesture to live a meaningful life; for by doing so, we have served even the unseen God who gave us the privileges we enjoy”
ABUGU JONAS UGOCHUKWU is the PROGRAM OFFICER of Agnes Ekeh Foundation. He visited his village (IGBELLE COMMUNITY IN ENUGU EZIKE, ENUGU STATE) to spend four days with his parents. In the morning on his second day as he was admiring the quiet and peaceful atmospheric conditions of the community, he decided to share pleasantries with relations and old friends, while doing this; he met two sets of three children of his ALMA MATA, two of whom are twins, were with no school uniforms.

They greeted him just like every well-trained kids will do. On the no uniform issue, he felt may be they newly started school. Hoping the parents will make the school uniforms for them, he ignored more contemplation on the matter.
But on visiting his village again after one month, he noticed the same kids still go to school with no uniforms. On further inquiries, he realized that the parents had no money to make the school uniforms for them due to lack of fund.

Mr. Jonas brought the matter to AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION and we took the matter upon ourselves to make school uniforms for the SIX kids even though we lacked the resource at the time the issue came to our desk.
The pictures and video show the presentation of the new school uniforms and exercise books to the SIX pupils by our Program Officer, MR. ABUGU JONAS UGOCHUKWU. One of the kids did not come to school on the day of the presentation.


Presenting the uniforms, the Program Officer on behalf of the Coordinator of Agnes Ekeh Foundation- Distinguished Humanitarian Mamah Celestine O, FIHSD, AMNIM, AMIPMA encouraged the pupils to be diligent and hardworking towards achieving academic excellence that will add values to their lives, families, community, and Nigeria as whole.

The Head Mistress, MRS. IDU ELIZABETH commended the efforts of AEF as they strive to create society where youth and indigent ones will have the opportunities and enabling atmosphere to reach their full potentials. She expressed deep appreciation to GOD for bringing AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION at a time when such initiative is needed to address the issues affecting the youth and indigent ones in the community.

Mrs. Elizabeth also brought to our attention the bushy school environment. She told us that the pupils are infants and as such, cannot clear the grasses and we promised to clear the school environment for them.

Sani Sunday Receives Support From AEF

Sani Sunday Receives Support From AEF


Giving is synonymously a characteristic of humanitarianism. Just as Bill Gate said “NO MAN IS TOO POOR THAT HE HAS NOTHING TO GIVE AND NO MAN IS TOO RICH THAT HE CANNOT RECEIVE A GIFT.”
“The essence of human existentialism is to add value and make life comfortable for our fellow humans who at one critical point or the other need such support to live a fulfilled life; for by doing so, we have served even the unseen God who gave us the privileges we enjoy”.

Sunday Sani Enemakwu is one of the energetic young Nigerians who wants to contribute his quota to humanity and national development. He has, however been hindered in some measures as a result of the domestic accident he sustained years back that affected his face.
His impecunious state at the moment has encumbered an accelerated medical intervention in form of facial plastic surgery which is best handled overseas.
As precarious as Sunday’s situation turned, he determined never to give up as he persistently brought his predicament to the knowledge of the public and those who care to listen to him.

Indeed, with his resilience and the grace of God, Sunday succeeded in raising significant amount. Worried about Sunday’s condition and in demonstration of true humanitarian spirit, some members of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development in collaboration with Agnes Ekeh Foundation voluntarily donated to support his course no matter how little the donation may be, especially given the short notice.

The picture shows the presentation of the cheque of N100,000 ($300) to Sani Sunday Enemakwu in support of his plastic surgery. This may be little but certainly demonstrates a show of Love and solidarity.

Presenting the cheque, the MENTOR of Agnes Ekeh Foundation- Amb. Prince Francis Origa, Ph.D, JP, encouraged him to be strong and have Faith in God with hope that everything required to make his journey and medical procedures successful can be better assured by God our Maker.
The Mentor commended the effort of those dedicated to “Project Sani Sunday” while also expressing deep appreciation to those who contributed to the project.


Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee

Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee

MAMAH WILFRED ONYEBUCHI is a native of Umu-Opu Enugu Ezike in Igbo Eze North L.G.A. of Enugu State, Nigeria. He is a successful entrepreneur whose links go beyond Nigeria, Africa and the Globe.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of BUCHI FURNISHING COMPLEX; a company that imports and exports home and office equipment which include but not limited to; Curtains, Blinds, general furnishing equipment and accessories

MAMAH WILFRED ONYEBUCHI has successfully trained and set up businesses for at least 20 (Twenty) young persons in Nigeria and abroad who are the masters of their various craft.

These young persons in continuation, follow the footsteps of their mentor in his philanthropic work as they have contributed enormously to the youth empowerment in their various communities thereby contributing to the social and economic development of the society in general.

MAMAH WILFRED O. is a lover and supporter of education; this is evident through his support for academic excellence of young persons in the society particularly those in Enugu Ezike community.

He has supported some community development initiative.

He is a member of Nsukka Brothers Club of Nigeria.

Due to his vast knowledge in dealing with young persons, he has been co-opted as a member of Advisory Committee of AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION.


AEF Youth Development Empowerment Officer

AEF Youth Development Empowerment Officer

Opara Franklin Chinonso is a native of Umu-opara in Aboh Mbaise L.G.A of Imo State, Nigeria. He holds a B.Eng in Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State.

Prior to his graduation, he proceeded to London to further his education. While at London, Opara Franklin Chinonso obtained a BSc in Science Technology and Society, and MSc in Petroleum Engineering both from Heriot-Watt University, London, UK.

During his studies with Heriot-Watt University, he demonstrated a high level of efficiency in Youth Affairs.

Additionally, he holds a certificate of Food System Sustainability Chain from University of Arizona, USA.

While on his academic sojourn to United State of America, Opara Franklin Chinonso has volunteered and worked with international NGOs including; KICK AGAINST CHILD ABUSE, and HUMAN RIGHT ORGANIZATION CONTROL both in the USA.

He is an experienced youth welfare activist.

He is the Youth Development/Empowerment officer of AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION.


AEF Matron

AEF Matron

MADAM AGNES EKEH is a native of Ezillo, Enugu Ezike Oba in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. She is a businesswoman, a seasoned philanthropist cum politician. She was a pioneer member and woman leader of ANPP (All Nigeria Peoples Party) Igbo Eze North chapter.

She has actively participated in several programmes of DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (DFID) in Enugu State and has headed several community development initiatives including the Women Frontier Initiative and the echelon of presidency- Catholic Women Organization (CWO) of St. Mary’s Parish, Enugu Ezike in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Madam Ekeh Agnes survived a stroke attack in 2010, but this fortuitous challenge never impedes her performances in rendering humanitarian services that add values to her community and Nigeria at large.

She has continued to synergistically play a momentous role in promoting peace and unity in her community, thereby contributing enormously to the peaceful co-existence in the community.

She is an indispensable prime mover of AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION. Agnes Ekeh foundation is a charity organization that is instituted to assist the youth and indigent ones to effectively and efficiently reach their full potentials under a peaceful atmosphere.

AEF Mentor

AEF Mentor

PRINCE FRANCIS ORIGA is a Ph.D holder and the Registrar/CEO of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development; Nigeria’s foremost and only approved Humanitarian Professional Training Institution registered to integrate intellectual dynamism and professionalism to the humanitarian and non-profit sector in order to ensure improved capacity, increase efficiency and avert redundancy and despondency in that sector.

He was the youngest and first to be appointed ‘Special Assistant to the Abia State Governor on Health (HIV/AIDS & Malaria)’ in the administration of Governor Orji Uzor Kalu where he doubled as the acting Chairman of the Abia State Action Committee on HIV/AIDS; a position which he used in attracting the World Bank HIV/AIDS Fund (HAF1), and also increased political-will and CSOs engagement in HIV/AIDS fight.

In the administration of the Governor- Chief T.A. Orji now a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prince Origa served as an Advisory Member of the Abia State Emergency Management Committee (Governor’s Office). Between 2013 and 2014, he was a co-opted member of the Nigeria’s Centenary Anniversary Committee working directly with the Secretary to the Abia State Government.

Prince Origa’s track records and passion in Humanitarian Services; volunteerism, Child Welfare and protection, Peace and Conflict Resolution and NGO Management could be traced back to the year 1993 when he was enrolled into the Nigerian Red Cross Society where he rose to the Rank of a Detachment Commandant of Alimosho Open Detachment in Lagos State in the year 2000 and subsequently became the Acting Divisional Secretary of Oshodi/Isolo Division in 2001. He went through the courses prescribed by the Red Cross as qualification for ranking where he obtained a Practical First Aid Certificate, Leadership Certificate, Advanced First Aid Certificate and trainers’ status. He has equally obtained a certificate in Alternative to Violence (Basic & Advanced levels) sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva. By 2000, he was already a UN/NetAid online volunteer where he was involved in a research project on the plights of the street children in Africa and the campaign to end violence against children as a member of the ‘Global Movement for Children’.

Academically, he holds a B.A in History and International Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Armed Conflict and Crisis Management, and Master’s Degree (First Class) in Conflictology from the prestigious United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Geneva-Switzerland in conjunction with the University of Catalonia in Spain.

Additionally, he has completed another BSc in Metaphysical Science and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in USA before proceeding to the University of Sedona in Arizona USA for his Ph.D (Philosophy) in Comparative Religion with specialization in Religious Conflict and Politics.

Prior to his degrees, he had obtained a Diploma in Computer and Secretarial Administration and Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management both from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife (Distance Programme). He also holds a Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Institute of Data Processing Management. Overall, he holds two BSc, 2 Master’s and two Post Graduate Certificates, a Diploma, an Advance Diploma with 2 Ph.D.

In 2014, he won the prestigious United Nations Peace-Builder’s Scholarship Award to pursue an International Master’s Degree in Conflictology under the UN Peace Keeping Training Program of UNITAR- Geneva- Switzerland in conjunction with the University of Catalonia, Spain, having emerged as UN second best applicant globally; a superlative performance that provoked the Abia State Government under the administration of Governor T. A .Orji to release a State counter- part scholarship- matching fund to support his studies. In 2016, he successfully completed the program where he graduated with a  First Class category and also won an award for presenting the best Master’s Project Research Work with emphases on “…Ethnicity and Religion as Drivers of Conflict in Africa and the Challenges of Peace Building: The Case Study of Nigeria”.

During his studies with UNITAR, he was appointed the Conflictology Programme Ambassador.

He has attended other short courses such as; Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Relief Services sponsored by the International Red Cross Society; Project Monitoring and Evaluation by Action Aid International and DFID; Mainstreaming Gender and HIV into line Ministries by UNDP; Child Survival, Nutrition and Immunization by W.H.O and Lagos State Government; Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children by UNICEF, ENHANCE and Federal Ministry of Women Affairs etc.

He  is  an  experienced  lecturer/trainer  and  a  specialist  in  NGO  Management,  Community Mobilization, Fundraising and Proposal Writing, Peace Education and Conflict Resolution.

He is the author of: ‘Understanding Sexuality & Relationship (A Behavioral Change-Training Manual for Young People’, ‘The Act of Humanitarianism & Non-profit service’. ‘Ethnicity and Religion as drivers of conflict in Africa and the Challenges of Peacebuilding: The Case Study of Nigeria’. He has presented other papers such as; “We the Displaced Persons; a story of homeless people in their homelands”, “promoting humanitarianism as value system in Nigeria”, “Youth and Nation Building; the Challenges of unemployment and the need for Entrepreneurship”.

He is the first to serve as the Publicity Secretary of the Civil Society on Malaria, Immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN). He was the former Financial Secretary of the Civil Society on HIV in Nigeria (CISHAN), and founder/Project Director of HAGA-NGO.

He is an honorary consultant on Peace Education to the African Refugees Foundation, and was appointed an Ambassador cum Special Envoy to the Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria by CCLP-Worldwide in 2012. He is a Justice of Peace and a Jerusalem Pilgrim.

He is the Nigeria- Chair of ‘Hope for Children’ CRC Policy Project in Cyprus; promoting the UN Convention for the protection of the Right of the Child.

He is the mentor of AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION

Hon. (Amb.) Prince Francis Origa, Ph.D, JP, FIHSD.

For more information about our Mentor, click here.

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