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The high rate of poverty and youth under empowerment/development, have adversely affected the social and economic development of Nigeria and African at large, and as such the need to adopt international best practices to address these issues become imperative.

In 2014 as youth corps member, a vision came; “How can I contribute to the social and economic development of the society particularly Nigeria?; where youth and indigent ones will have the opportunities and enabling atmosphere to reach their full potentials regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or gender, and also carry on the philanthropic work of my grandmother- MADAM EKEH AGNES?”

In 2018, due to my passion and belief that it is possible to make a change in the society, AGNES EKEH FOUNDATION was established. But off course passion and belief can only act as a motivating factor; as there became the need for knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently run and manage the organization.

Then, I enrolled, graduated, and volunteered for INSTITUTE FOR HUMANITARIAN STUDIES AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, NIGERIA, which earned me the OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER AWARD of the Institute as a result of my performance.

Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development is Nigeria’s foremost Institute providing alternative education in the social and non-profit sector with her motto as; Advancing Humanity through Professionalism and Knowledge Building. The institute is in partnership with ‘Hope for Children’ CRC policy Center, Cyprus, National Boundary Commission (The Presidency), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA, the Presidency), and supported by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and many other national and international Agencies and Institutions.

IHSD Have trained staff of Federal Ministry of Education (NGO Unit), Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport Development, National Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons, and Border Communities Development Agency among others.

We focus on creating a society where youth and indigent ones will have the opportunity and enabling atmosphere to reach their full potentials.

In Nigeria, we focus on evaluating and improving youth and poor people’s life and wellbeing, helping these individuals lift themselves out of hunger, extreme poverty and failure. We seek to ensure that those with little or no resources can access the opportunities they need to succeed in life.

To grow and sustain vibrant society, we must prepare our youth and indigent persons with better opportunities cum resources they deserve to reach their full potentials, regardless of their race, ethnicity, income, or gender.

To achieve this, we must work together in a stable environment that support these youth and indigent persons in addressing their social, emotional, academic, and development needs; as this will create a cycle of prosperity that will benefit us all.

Our Approach

It is our belief that the future is secured if;

  • the lives of indigent persons are improved for better.
  • our teeming youth are empowered without bias.

Our Core values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Inclusiveness
  • Prosperity

AEF Thematic Areas of Intervention

  • To evaluate and provide the needed resources that improve the living conditions of indigent persons in Nigeria.
  • To empower/develop youth through seminar, workshop, lecture and job creation.



Our Vision

A society where youth and indigent ones will have the opportunities and enabling atmosphere to reach their full potentials.

Our Mission

To proactively inspire, guide and empower youth and indigent ones to reach their full potentials through collaboration with like mind individuals, organizations and government agencies.

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